HPL Laminate

HPL Laminate
FormicaFormica® Brand Laminate has evolved to offer a myriad of varied and ultra-realistic looks that give spaces richer visual and tactile appeal.


  • Patterns
    Formica laminate Patterns
  • Solid Colors
    Formica Laminate Solid Colors
  • Wood Grains
    Formica laminate Wood Grains
  • 180fx
    Formica laminate 180fx
  • IdealEdge
    Formica laminate IdealEdge
  • DecoMetal
    DecoMetal® laminates and solid metals come in lustrous colors that go from cool anthracite to dusky burnished copper in textures that project energy, modernity and a feel for craftsmanship Suitable for light duty horizontal or vertical applications: walls, furniture, retail fixtures, signage, exhibits and displays.
  • ColorCore2
    Formica Laminate ColorCore2
  • Infiniti
  • Compact
  • Markerboard
    Formica Markerboard